10 Health Benefits of Whiskey


10 Health Benefits of Whiskey

If you love sipping from a glass of great quality whiskey, you probably have strong opinions about the best types. Perhaps you’ve been on some whiskey distillery tours, and maybe your family members know that the way to your heart is to buy you a bottle of the good stuff whenever the holiday season arrives.

While all whiskey is distilled alcohol made from grain mash that’s carefully fermented and generally aged in casks, there are many different grains that can be used, and a variety of extra ingredients that might be added. As a result, many people enjoy the experience of tasting whiskeys from all over the world and comparing their unique flavors.

For whiskey lovers everywhere, the great news is that there is strong evidence to suggest that this popular alcoholic beverage also comes with some intriguing health benefits. While you have probably heard the popular rumors about whiskey’s ability to help you recover from certain common respiratory ailments, you’re less likely to have heard about how it might be able to assist your cardiovascular system and even influence your risk of developing certain types of cancer at some point in your lifetime.

Thanks to new research on how diet can influence well-being, we’re constantly learning more about how food and drink impacts organ function and life expectancy.

While drinking excessive amounts of any kind of alcohol is never advisable (and is indeed associated with widespread damage to the body), a responsible and moderate intake of whisky is associated with these ten exciting perks.

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