15 Crohn's-Friendly Recipes



  • Washington State Apple Butter

    Apple butter isn’t really “butter,” but more like a thick preserve that’s great on toast or just by itself. Peeled, cooked apples are easy to digest and high in vitamin C. Apple butter will keep in your refrigerator for about a week.

  •  Mango-Strawberry Smoothie

    Tofu is added to this dairy-free smoothie for extra protein, an essential part of a Crohn’s diet. It also contains fruits to give your body vitamins and minerals. If strawberry seeds are difficult for you to digest, substitute another fruit, like banana or blueberries.
  •  Mini Mushroom and Sausage Quiches

    These small quiches are great for parties or to have on-hand for a delicious snack or small meal. The eggs are a good source of protein, and the Swiss cheese in them is low in lactose and provides calcium.
  •  Crispy Potatoes With Green Beans and Eggs

    To start your day right, you need to eat a healthy breakfast. This recipe combines carbohydrates, protein, and vegetables. If needed, substitute spices with ones you know your stomach can handle.
  •  Egg and Salmon Sandwich

    Another filling breakfast option, this egg sandwich contains healthy fats, which are necessary for a Crohn’s diet. If your digestive system has trouble processing grains, skip the whole-wheat muffin and pair your egg whites and salmon with a fruit salad instead.
  •  Puerto Rican Fish Stew (Bacalao)

    Unlike traditional bacalao, which is salted and dried, this version uses fresh fish cooked in a delicious stew with vegetables. Fish is a good way to get protein whether or not you’re experiencing a flare.
  •  Versatile Vegetable Soup

    Loaded with vegetables, this soup is sure to keep you full of essential vitamins and minerals. The recipe makes eight servings, so it’s great for leftovers. If you need to, skip the cabbage or any other vegetables that might trigger a symptom flare-up.
  •  Roasted Potatoes and Baby Carrots

    Cooked carrots and potatoes are both excellent choices that are well-tolerated during a Crohn’s flare. Just make sure to remove the skin from the potatoes if you do have a flare.
  •  Artichoke and Ripe-Olive Tuna Salad

    This light recipe can add variety to your diet without aggravating Crohn’s. It only has 3 grams of fiber and is packed with protein. Plus, it takes just 10 minutes to make! You can substitute tuna with chicken, another seafood, or tofu for more great protein-packed lunches.
  •  Hamburger Buddy

    This easy dish is sure to please the whole family. Lean ground beef provides a healthy source of iron, and when you’re not experiencing a flare, the macaroni is a good source of fiber, which can help regulate digestion.
  •  Grilled Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich

    This healthier version of eggplant Parmesan uses tender, smoky grilled eggplant instead of fried, so it’s easier on the digestive system — and it has a fraction of the fat and calories. If you’re lactose intolerant, hold off on the cheese or choose lactose-free versions. And since this dish is high in fiber, save it for times when you aren’t experiencing a flare.
  •  Pork Chops With Peach Barbeque Sauce

    Satisfy your barbecue cravings with this peach sauce. Just remember to trim away fat from the pork chops for a healthier result. Added bonus — the barbecue sauce can also be used on chicken or fish.
  •  Chicken-Tofu Stir Fry

    This stir-fry dinner is full of protein and low in saturated fat — perfect for a Crohn’s diet. Create a unique dish every time by mixing and matching vegetables that are easy for you to digest. And skip any ingredients that may make your Crohn’s symptoms flare, such as brown rice, mushrooms, or bok choy.
  •  Brown Rice and Tofu Maki

    Sushi can be a great meal option for people with Crohn’s disease. This sushi dish contains tofu, an excellent source of protein that helps you stay full longer. If your system has a hard time digesting whole-grain rice, put less in each roll or switch to white rice. You might also want to consider leaving out the peanuts.
  •  Dairy-Free Banana Rice Pudding Recipe

    Searching for an after-dinner treat? Although foods like chocolate, nuts, and citrus fruits can aggravate your digestive tract, this dairy-free dessert will satisfy your sweet tooth without causing any flare-ups.


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