26 Ways the Anxious Person Says ‘I Love You’ Without Actually Saying It



26 Ways the Anxious Person Says 'I Love You' Without Actually Saying It Image

The more an anxious person likes you, the more worried they are about you. It’s easy to misread them. If you don’t realize the odd ways an anxious person acts in love, you might not appreciate the good intentions behind their actions.

Often, they’re trying to show you they care, but many of the signs are accidental…

  1. They always want you to call or text when you get home.
  2. (They worry about you all the time.)
  3. They blush a lot in your presence.
  4. If you get a little cut or injury, they cringe in pain when they see it.
  5. They’re so hyper-aware they notice your mood shifts before you do.
  6. …and they’ll squeeze your hand really tight if you’re upset about something.
  7. They step out of their comfort zone just for you, no matter how much they freak out in the process.
  8. They are always overthinking little details in the relationship.
  9. They get jealous and apologize for being irrational.
  10. They are very sensitive to discussing how much they like you.
  11. They prefer to leave little notes for you as tokens of affection.
  12. They’ll kiss your forehead when you’re sleeping.
  13. If you are sick they take it more seriously than you do.
  14. They ask really specific questions about your past relationships.
  15. They secretly say “I love you” out loud, but only when you can’t hear them.
  16. They overthink things that you said months after the fact.
  17. They buy you little gifts that reminded them of you.
  18. They’ll send you “just thinking of you” texts or emoticons all the time.
  19. They perform little acts of service like cooking or helping you pick up, just to show they care.
  20. They’ll try to over-explain their feelings if they’re afraid you don’t understand.
  21. They’re worried you’ll misinterpret their anxiety for disinterest.
  22. When you’re texting them, you always see the typing indicator bubble for ten minutes.
  23. (They want to say the perfect thing to you.)
  24. But then they don’t even send you what they were going to say…
  25. If an anxious person is falling for you, you can be sure they’re overthinking it.
  26. In fact, if they didn’t worry about you, then you’d probably have something to worry about.
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