32 Things Every Depressed 20-Something Needs to Hear Right Now

  1. Those cuts that present your self-hatred are not scars, but healed wounds.

  2. And those healing wounds will be encouragement to that person who’s going through the same thing you’ve gone through.32 Things Every Depressed 20-Something Needs to Hear Right Now Image

  3. Consider yourself a warrior.

  4. Because not everyone can fight to live another day or want to live it.

  5. It’s okay if you’re your own worst enemy.

  6. Just don’t let that enemy win. Bury them every time they try to rise.

  7. Because there is sunshine behind the shadow of death.

  8. And you’ll get there soon, I promise.

  9. It’s okay to give up on yourself a little bit.

  10. Because depression is the mud under your feet as you walk and sometimes, you have to sink a little bit in order to keep going again.

  11. And maybe someone will be there to take your hand and pull you out.

  12. No one in life has ever accomplished their dream without going through some intense sh*t.

  13. It’s okay of too many things go wrong because things always go wrong in life.

  14. Especially if you’re still getting the hang of this adult thing.

  15. Because that sh*t is hard.

  16. Never bullsh*t yourself. If you’re feeling crappy, say it out loud. Scream it if you have to.

  17. Because keeping it bottled up inside can put too much weight on your heart.

  18. It’s perfectly okay to cry.

  19. Because crying isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s another way of expressing yourself.

  20. And sometimes, you have to purge the pain and give your heart a break.

  21. For love of God, stop with the self-deprecation.

  22. And do the little things that make you happy and the grand things that make you feel special.

  23. Because though it’s hard, you gotta give yourself some love.

  24. The ones who love you the most may not wear a crown.

  25. Because they love you more than you’ll ever know.They just don’t show it the way you’d want them to.

  26. Yes, I know your friends are happy and are having the time of their lives. But always remember that you’re not your friends.

  27. You are who you are and you’re awesome.

  28. The best thing about being a 20-something in this age is that you have the opportunity to set up your life the way you want to.

  29. So take the plunge and be who you’ve always wanted to be even if it doesn’t feel good at first.

  30. Because trust me when I say, it will get better.

  31. So don’t give up because the older you get, the more weight is lifted off.

  32. Stay because you deserve to live and not only be happy, but joyful.

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