6 Famous Celebrities with Thyroid Disorders(5th is Really Unbelievable)


Oprah Winfrey

Daytime talk show diva Oprah Winfrey announced her thyroid problems in 2007. Before she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, she struggled with weight gain and felt exhausted all the time.

Roger Ebert

Famous film critic Roger Ebert was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in 2002, and underwent many surgeries for metastatic thyroid cancer, Although he was unable to speak, he used a computer program that turned text into speech allowing him to communicate.

Roger Ebert continued as a film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times until his death on April 4, 2013.

Jillian Michaels

TV’s toughest trainer and fitness guru Jillian Michaels has worked hard to manage her hypothyroidism with a healthy, active lifestyle.

Rod Stewart

Musician and singer-songwriter Rod Stewart was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2000. He had to re-learn how to sing after his thyroid cancer surgery.

Former President George H.W. Bush and Former First Lady Barbara Bush


Former President George H. W. Bush was diagnosed with Graves’ disease in 1991 and was treated with radioactive iodine. His wife, former First Lady Barbara Bush, was also diagnosed with Graves’ disease around the same time—interestingly enough, so was their dog Millie.

Nia Vardalos

Actress and screenwriter Nia Vardalos, best known for her role in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, has Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

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