England fan fighting for his life after violent clashes with Russian fans


England fan fighting for his life after violent clashes with Russian fans

An England supporter is in hospital fighting for his life after he had a cardiac arrest while being chased and attacked by a mob of Russian fans, it was reported.

French media described the fan as ‘between life and death’.

It came after days of tensions between rival supporters, locals and police in the port city of Marseilles, where England will play their first game against Russia in Euro 2016.

Police started to use water cannon as groups continued to charge at each other in the Old Port area, while photos from yesterday show fans stumbling through tear gas.

Hundreds of people were contained within the area by police who had formed a line.

Some people were chanting ‘England’ or ‘Russia’ and witnesses described the constant crunch of broken glass underfoot.

On Thursday night, England fans said they were attacked by ‘French gangs’ outside the Queen Victoria pub and O’Malleys Irish bar.

Police in riot gear have fired tear gas on fans and shocking photos show people throwing chairs, charging at each other and letting off flares.

An man injured in clashes is assisted by the emergency services in downtown Marseille, France, Saturday, June 11, 2016. Riot police have thrown tear gas canisters at soccer fans Saturday in Marseille's Old Port in a third straight day of violence in the city. (AP Photo/Laurent Cipriani)
Police gave the man CPR (Picture: AP)

Local media reported a gang of around 20 Russian fans dressed in black had been ‘hunting’ England supporters, chasing them down and attacking them.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: ‘We are in contact with French authorities about a British national injured in Marseille and stand ready to provide further assistance.’


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