Head Injury Compensation



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Head Injury Compensation

Why Choose Blackwater Law to Handle Your Head Injury Compensation Claim?

Blackwater Law has established an enviable reputation as one of the leading firms of head injury compensation solicitors in the UK. With many years’ experience of handling compensation claims for a variety of head and brain injuries, we have the necessary expertise to help you secure the compensation you deserve. Our team of personal injury solicitors will handle your head injury compensation claim with skill, dedication and the utmost discretion, so if you or a close friend or relative have suffered a head injury through no fault of your own, call us on 0800 083 5500 for a free initial discussion to assess the strength of your potential claim.

Head injuries can vary greatly in severity, from bruising and minor lacerations to concussion, a fractured skull or brain trauma. Even a relatively minor head injury can have serious implications for the long-term health of the victim and can lead to headaches, vision problems and bouts of dizziness. More serious head and brain injuries can affect the victim’s quality of life and can cause permanent disability and sometimes even death. Head injuries can be caused by virtually any kind of accident, including road traffic accidents, workplace accidents, physical assaults, clinical negligence and military injury.

What Types of Head Injury Can I Claim Compensation For?

Head injuries can happen in a number of different ways, and identifying what type of injury you have sustained and how it has affected your life will be crucial to the success of your head injury compensation claim. Your financial settlement will depend greatly on how much long term pain and/or disability you suffer as a result of the injury, as well as your own personal circumstances. The severity of a head or brain injury can vary tremendously, from minor cuts and bruises to sever trauma causing permanent disability, mental impairment or even death.


Concussion is the temporary loss of mental function or consciousness that occurs after a blow or other injury is sustained to the head. It is the most common but least serious type of head injury. Symptoms of concussion can include temporary loss of consciousness, periods of memory loss, vision problems and periods of confusion.

Open Injury

An open head injury, sometimes referred to as a penetrating head injury, occurs when an object penetrates the skull and enters the brain. Open head injuries are usually focal, which means that they affect a very specific area of brain tissue. Open head injuries are extremely serious and can cause permanent disability, mental impairment and death.

Closed Injury

A closed head injury is a trauma in which the brain is injured as a result of a blow to the head, or a sudden, violent motion that causes the brain to shake inside the skull. Unlike an open head injury, with a closed head injury no object actually penetrates the brain. Closed head injuries can be either diffuse (affecting cells and tissues throughout the brain) or more focal, with the damage concentrated on one area.

What Kind of Head Injury Compensation Can I Expect to Receive?

  • Minor head injuries where minimal, if any, brain damage occurs usually result in awards of approximately £1,450 – £8,400.
  • Minor brain damage, the symptoms of which leave a person able to take part in social life and return to work, but which may cause poor concentration, memory loss, mood swings and/or a reduction in the quality of life of the individual may result in compensation awards of £10,000 – £28,250.
  • Moderate brain damage that affects the victim’s concentration and results in memory loss, reduced capacity to work or increased dependence on others can result in claims of £28,250 – £59,500.
  • Moderate brain damage that has moderate to modest effect on mental capability and ability to work carries a compensation claim amount of £59,500 – £98,500.
  • Moderate brain damage that has a moderate to severe effect on metal capability, personality change, reduced sight, speech or other senses or renders the individual unemployable may warrant head injury compensation of £98,500 – £144,000.
  • Moderately severe brain damage that causes serious disablement (mental or physical) and/or substantial dependence on others could result in a claim of £144,000 – £185,000.
  • Very severe brain damage resulting in little, if any, response to environment, little or no language function, double incontinence, need for full time care £185,000 – £265,000.

What Do I Have to Do to Make a Head Injury Claim?

Before making a head injury compensation claim, contact Blackwater Law and speak to one of our personal injury solicitors, who will be able to quickly assess the strength of your head injury compensation claim and offer advice on the most appropriate course of action to take. You can call us directly on 0800 083 5500 to get free initial advice about your injury and information about ‘no win, no fee’ personal injury compensation service, or send us an email instead.

Recognised as a leading firm of personal injury lawyers by the Legal 500, an independent ranking directory of the UK’s top law firms, Blackwater Law will guide you through each stage of the legal process and will keep you informed about the progress of your head injury compensation claim throughout. In acting for you in making your claim, we will aim to build the strongest possible case on your behalf to secure the maximum amount of head injury compensation you are entitled to.

Along with head injury compensation claims, we also handle personal injury compensation claims for injuries to other areas of the body, including neck injuries, wrist injuries and leg injuries.

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