PCOS and Things You Can Do at Home to Treat It

Have you ever heard about PCOS? If you have not and if by any chance you are a woman, information about this, including also about PCOS natural treatment and diet for PCOS, is another knowledge you really need to know about. In simple words, this can be explained as a hormonal condition which gives some effects that make ovaries be unable to work properly. PCOS itself is actually an abbreviation for polycystic ovary syndrome. Since the main part of human body that is affected by this syndrome is the ovary, clearly this certain condition can only be experienced by women. Simply, the main effect resulted from the occurrence of this syndrome is an irregularity in ovulation. In some more serious situation, the syndrome can even cause the lack of ovulation in women. For those who really want to have kids, something like this can certainly be a problem and that is why natural treatments are basically needed. The main purpose is to make them able to get pregnant even if they have the syndrome inside them.

Two Main Types of Treatment for PCOS

Before talking about PCOS natural treatment and diet for PCOS, It is better for you to know first that there are actually two main types of treatment can be chosen in order to deal with the syndrome that cannot actually be cured totally. The first one is medication and the other is a natural treatment that we will talk about later in this post. Even if it is so, medication is not really recommended even by doctors and specialists. Obviously, the reason is because medication tends to have more risks than the treatments that are done naturally. For example, medication can possibly create another not balance hormonal condition which means another health problem for you. Other than this, when you finally are able to get pregnant even with the syndrome, medication can affect the baby you are carrying too. This can be even worse because there is also a possibility for the medication to be harmful to the baby. Instead of taking all those risks, it is certainly much better for you to choose natural treatments instead, right? Besides, the natural treatments are not that hard to do even if you are needed to have a consultation with your doctor at first in the purpose of finding out about the best treatments that are suitable and safe for you.

Various Choices of Natural Treatments for PCOS

As told previously, the syndrome we talk about in this post is not the one that can be cured or prevented. This must you know about the treatments can be done in order to let you live healthily without too many effects resulted from the occurrence of the syndrome in you. In the following we are going to talk about some choices of PCOS natural treatment and diet for PCOS that are more recommended for you to try at home because of the much lower level of risks. From all choices of natural treatments, the very first one you can pick is eaten healthily. In this case, it is so much better for you to pick some choices of healthy and balanced diet which will be very helpful in fulfilling your body’s needs of nutrition. Other than this, the right choice of daily diet can decrease your cravings on some foods and can satisfy the young hunger in the right way. For you to know, all of those cannot be separated from weight gain, which is something that can make your condition worse as the sufferer of the syndrome. In managing your special daily diet, some main types of foods you need to include are dairy products which are low-fat, fruits, whole-grains, and also vegetables. All of these foods will also provide the energy needed to do more daily activities in order to avoid you from gaining too much weight.

As a sufferer of Polycystic ovary syndrome, doing more physical activities is another home treatment you need to take into consideration. The easiest way to do it is by making exercise as a part of your daily life. You do not need to worry too much because here it is totally fine for you to pick any form of exercise you think to be the most possible to do, which is another type of exercise that is more suitable for yourself. Moreover, if you want to you can even just choose walking as the form of exercise to do every day. Of course, this will give you a better result when you are able to set a certain goal about how long you need to walk in every day. As a suggestion, you can do this simple exercise early in the morning when the air is still totally fresh and this is definitely healthier.

If you are smoking, you should really quit it now or else the syndrome will cause worse effects in you. Smoking will only make the level of androgen in your body to be higher. For the sufferers of this syndrome, the androgen level is already too high and this is the main cause why ovulation seems too hard to get. Other than this, smoking is really not good for women who try to have kids. This will only lower the chance. Besides, some other dangerous health problems and diseases can be resulted from smoking habit too.

Besides all PCOS natural treatment and diet for PCOS told earlier, you need to know there are some other minor treatments can be done more to deal with some effects resulted from the syndrome occurrence. For example, you may need some natural treatments to deal with acne because this skin problem often occurs as well in those who suffer from PCOS. You may also need some hair removal treatment because this syndrome may cause some excessive hair growth too. Thankfully, at this point in time it is not that hard to find hair removal treatment. Moreover, it is also available in many choices with a wider variety of cost for you to pay.

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